Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cool Photography Tricks

I went to some website yesterday trying to find something about photography techniques and stumble upon something that is absolutely crazy (in a good way of course). Check out these crazy photos:

The last photo is the 'craziest', a hand punching through a thin water film; how cool is that! 
If you are an inspired photography artist who always wanted to learn such tricks but don't really have much time or money to spend attending some photography classes or workshop, you can proceed to this link to learn more about recreating such amazing and awe inspiring photos.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Say hello to Windows 7.5 phone debutant: NOKIA lumia 800

The world of smartphones has seen a new addition to the current line-ups with the introduction of windows 7.5 phones introduced last year. With most users polarized towards androids or iPhones, the introduction of windows 7.5 phones (codenamed as mango) is an attempt to find a niche in the seemingly saturated duopoly smartphone market (considering the future demise of symbians). Will it be able to be a serious contender?or will it be ousted by the other two in its debut?

Enter the first contender; NOKIA lumia 800. 

With impressive looks and functionality to match, NOKIA seems quite serious in the first attempt to market their Windows 7.5 phones. Design and construction are top notch, complemented with sprawling user interface and completed with the looks to die for (for many N9 fans) androids and iOS should be pissing their pants right now. With its unique Polycarbonate unibody design coupled with  scratch resistant Corning Gorilla glass (NOKIA apparently resorted to ditch the use of aluminum in to carve the lumia 800) are nice to hold and touch. Weighing at 142 g, with the dimension of 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm (just like the N9) it feels solid and sturdy.

In the functionality department, lumia 800 proves itself that it is not just "more look than substance". The first thing to note is the full featured office document viewer and and editor which comes bundled with the phone. So, you'll get it for free.

Another notable feature is the NOKIA Drive which is also free, as what you would find in previous NOKIA smartphones (N8, E7 etc.). NOKIA Drive could very well be its biggest key selling point as you won't find anything (free) like it in androids or iPhones. As you would already know, the navigation can also be used offline thus it is easier on your wallet.

And of course, another thing that should be considered as mandatory in the world of smartphone is the ability to take decent photos and videos. If you are in for the camera, lumia 800 is packed with 8.0 megapixel camera that is capable of recording 720p videos at 30 fps. Although the figure of the camera is 4 megapixel less than the somewhat older N8, the quality of photos that you could get are far from disappointing (unless if you are a seasoned professional photographer). The video quality is great too; its decent enough to record certain memorable moments that won't require elaborate and extensive lighting such as your mom's birthday party, or your first day in the office.

In short, NOKIA lumia 800 doesn't fall short in its purpose as a smartphone and with its outrageously gorgeous looks, it is hard turn down this somewhat new offering by NOKIA.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting the most out of your iPad

With its increasing popularity, iPad is now considered a must have for many people out there. Doesn’t matter if you really need it because of your job’s demand or simply because you are a gadget maniac, iPad seems to be a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’. However, to get the most out of your iPad, it is important to have some proper guide (unless if you are one of those geek who could practically reverse engineer every gadget out there). 

If you are searching for such guide and you are tired of searching for relevant ebooks online (iPad for dummy or complete idiot’s guide to iPad, iPad 101 etc.), then search no more. Here’s a complete video tutorial that will guide to get the most out of your spanking new iPad.

Throughout these video lessons you’ll learn new neat tips and tricks on using your iPad at your own pace. Learning new techniques would definitely help you to be more productive throughout your day.
With its clear and comprehensive training, you will be guided  app-by-app & tap-by-tap through every last feature of your iPad in a straightforward and candid way.

A lifetime membership is also included as an accompaniment to these video lessons that will keep you up to date with the latest video lessons and future changes (something that is essential in the rapidly changing tech world).

Either you are a user of the original iPad, iPad2, or the newly launched iPad, this video lesson is the only lesson you would ever need to equip yourself with a solid knowledge foundation.
Another interesting thing to note is the 24/7  support service that would be there for you whenever you need any help.

With over 100 videos to watch, its hard to say no these video lessons. You don’t need to pay for hundreds of dollars to attend classes or enroll yourself to a certain iPad learning workshop. All you need is these videos that are carefully designed for iPad users like you to learn at home, at your own pace and at your own convenience.

Check out this video sample.

For the full lessons, Click Here!